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Your Root Canal: Why You Should Get It

Hearing you need to get a root canal is still better news than hearing you have to have a tooth pulled because it's too far gone to have repairs done, but it's still never a fun thing to have to experience. If you need a root canal, you should get one. Even if it's costlier than a cavity filling or having a tooth pulled and may be more uncomfortable (which it really shouldn't be), a root canal should always be taken seriously.

Here are reasons why you should get the root canal even if you feel you don't want to put in the time or money to do so. You can have the tooth pulled or ignore the problem, but no dentist will recommend just acting like the need for a root canal need doesn't exist. Rather, you should tackle the problem, and here are reasons why.

Losing a tooth is not the best alternative

Having an infected or unhealthy tooth pulled seems like a viable solution, but it's not. It's the last-ditch thing you should have done to preserve your smile. Your root canal is the better way to take care of your smile and ensure your mouth stays in its best health.

Why is pulling a tooth not the best solution? For a few reasons: first, pulling the tooth will cause your other teeth to shift to take the place of the offending tooth. Unless you choose to have your missing tooth replaced with a bridge or dental implant (which can be even more costly than a root canal and any accompanying crown work), you will have shifting teeth. Your smile and the shape of your face will be affected as well.

Ignoring a root canal will lead to more dental work

Yes, eventually your dental pain may go away as your tooth dies and you can ignore the problem. But this will only cause more serious dental concerns down the road and you don't want to have to deal with dental woes at all. Your root canal needs should be addressed before a tooth dies and before your other teeth get affected. The sooner you have a root canal done, the better.

Your dental insurance should cover a lot of your dental work. If it won't, then consider the ways you can create a dental plan to pay for your root canal. Root canal therapy is essential to your overall oral health in many cases and can help you feel better about your natural smile in many ways.

For more information on a root canal, contact a professional near you.

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