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What You Can Do To Protect Your Young Child's Teeth

Ultimately, since the teeth play a significant role in healthy digestion, the state of a child's teeth can affect their overall health. A child who is experiencing oral pain or who loses primary teeth before they are scheduled to be shed may find it difficult to satisfy their nutritional needs due to the discomfort of chewing.

The pediatric teeth are designed to be replaced by adult teeth. However, the health of the primary teeth is still important. The primary teeth not only help your child masticate their food properly, but they also serve as placeholders for the adult teeth that will eventually present. If the primary teeth are lost ahead of schedule, the early loss may allow adjacent teeth to migrate into the resulting gaps. This migration can cause the underlying adult teeth to erupt in a crooked configuration and result in a dental misalignment that requires orthodontic correction.

Nevertheless, there are measures that you can take to protect your young child's teeth. Here are a few of them.

Shift to Cup Drinking

Bottle drinking is associated with baby bottle decay, a condition in which the baby teeth experience a significant number of cavities.

Baby bottle decay occurs as the teeth are bathed in sugary substances, such as juice or milk. Even though juice and milk are considered healthy contents for a bottle, they still contain natural sugars. Oral bacteria consume these sugars and release decay-causing acidic waste as they digest the simple carbohydrates.

When a child switches from a bottle to a cup, they are less likely to sip liquids continuously. In addition, a cup is less apt to be used as a soothing mechanism for the child. Thus, the cup's contents tend to remain in the mouth for shorter periods.

During the child's transition to a cup, consider filling their bottle with water only.

Routine Dental Appointments

Even though a child only has one or two teeth, they should still visit a dentist regularly. In fact, children should see a dentist as soon as their first teeth erupt.

Early visits to the dentist can help a child become accustomed to professional dental care. Additionally, the appointments can help the dentist identify any issues that may worsen with time. The early discovery of potential issues can lead to an early and more effective restorative intervention.

During your child's routine pediatric dental appointments, you can expect the provider to clean the child's teeth, take X-rays, inspect the child's oral cavity, and answer any questions or concerns. The dentist may even take the time to instruct your youngster on proper brushing techniques.

Contact a pediatric dental specialist to learn more. 

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