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When To Consider Dental Extraction For Your Child

Every pediatric dentist tries to save teeth and prevent infections or decay. However, there are cases where dental extractions for your child can be necessary. Although there is a natural process where children shed their milk teeth for the permanent ones to grow, some situations necessitate dental extractions.

Abscess or Gum Disease

The main reason for dental extractions in children is an abscess. This is when the tooth is infected by bacteria and forms a pocket of pus. The abscess can be at the gums, beside a tooth, or on top of the tooth's root. 

A dentist will try to treat the abscess by draining it and treating the infection. They can also try root canals and other procedures. However, depending on the severity, they might need to pull out the tooth. If your young one has gingivitis or inflamed gingival tissues, their gum might swell and bleed. Gingivitis can cause loose teeth and receding gums. So, dental extraction can be required.

Problem Shedding Milk Teeth

At around six years, children will shed their milk teeth to create space for permanent teeth. When your child notices a loose tooth, they can shake and wiggle it until it loosens and comes out over time.

But you should consider tooth extraction when the natural process doesn't occur. When permanent teeth begin to grow, they must grow without any issues that might cause more damage to the mouth or hinder their placement. An over-retained baby tooth that refuses to shed naturally can cause crowding, leaving insufficient space for the permanent tooth. 

Big Cavities

Children love sugary foods and drinks and are more prone to cavities and tooth decay. When their tooth decays and forms a cavity too big for a crown or filling to help, dental extraction could be the next best procedure. Extraction helps prevent the child from experiencing excruciating pain or spreading the infection to other teeth. 

Failing to remove the affected tooth could also spread the infection in the jaw bone, affecting the growth of permanent teeth later. Your child might also need their tooth extracted if it is too damaged. For example, if your young one was involved in an accident or suffered an injury that damaged their tooth beyond repair. If there are no better restorative options, dental extraction can help avoid further damage.

Get a Dentist Evaluation 

If you hire a family dentist, they can tend to your dental needs and those of your children. Don't wait until your child complains of pain. Instead, get them to the dentist and request an evaluation. Depending on the situation, the doctor can recommend a dental extraction or other alternatives. However, dental extraction is a final resort where other procedures will not be as effective. 

For more information, contact a local dentist or dental clinic, like Mark A. Massa, DDS, Inc.

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