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How to Know You Require Root Canal Treatment

Do you know that the discomfort or sensitivity in your mouth tells you that root canal treatment is inevitable? A majority of root canal candidates will present signs, but they're not pronounced. Luckily, a dentist appointment can help identify them before it's too late. If you experience sudden pain, and you cannot eat comfortably, you need an emergency root canal procedure. Excruciating tooth pain will give you sleepless nights, and you might not perform your duties normally. If the affected tooth has infected pulp, you need to seek root canal services to get quick relief. Here's why you need root canal treatment.

Pus or Tooth Abscess

In cases where a tooth is badly damaged, it can be diseased to the core. If the pulp is germ-infested for long, pus comes out from the area near the tooth or possible cracks. Even though the tooth abscess isn't accompanied by pain, it's a clear indication that you'll need a root canal to salvage the situation. If you take too long to get the problem fixed, the infection can lead to complete tooth loss. The infection can spread to other areas. If there's pus on your tooth, consider a root canal quickly.

Badly Broken Teeth

Teeth get damaged from trauma, infection, or chipping. If your teeth are beyond repair, your dentist can resort to a root canal treatment. This averts further damage to your jawbone. With a root canal, you can preserve bone density. Later, you can opt for dental implants to replace the lost teeth. The root canal process safeguards the jawbone, and you don't need grafting if you decide to fix the implants.

Pain and Sensitivity

Human teeth have sensitivity to certain objects, temperatures, or touches. If you feel extreme sensitivity when chewing, it signals a bigger problem. Tooth decay can exacerbate sensitivity and make chewing a nightmare. You need to contact a root canal specialist to offer pain relief. Remember, even if the pain starts mildly, it can quickly turn into a throbbing experience that only a root canal will fix.

Additional Symptoms

Other signs say it's time to go for a root canal treatment. The swelling on your gums or tooth discoloration are signs that you should visit your dentist. Swelling and discolored teeth indicate a serious problem with the pulp. If you seek a root canal, it offers a lasting solution. If you require root canal treatment, contact a professional dentist near you.

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