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Coronal Leakage After A Root Canal: What You Should Know

A coronal leakage is a complication that can result from a root canal. It's not all that common (or complicated), but it's something that needs treatment since it's not going to fix itself.

The Tooth's Surface Area

Root canals involve a small amount of the affected tooth's surface area being removed, allowing your dentist to access the pulp chamber. This is where the tooth's nerve is found, and the fact that it's infected is the reason for the root canal in the first place. Once this nerve is removed, the chamber is cleaned and packed with a filling material. The tooth is then sealed with a filling, which might have been thought to be sufficient, or it might only be a temporary measure until a dental crown can be fitted.

Into the Tooth

It's the integrity of this seal that can lead to coronal leakage since the leak is affecting the crown of the tooth. Nothing is leaking out of the tooth, and the problem is that something is leaking in. Bacteria and tiny particles of food can make their way back into the pulp chamber, causing another infection.


This infection will feel much the same way as the initial problem that resulted in the root canal. You're most vulnerable directly after the procedure, which is when the tooth has been packed with a filling material. The density of this material creates a partial endodontic seal, which is then followed by a temporary restoration (such as a filling). 

Increased Risk

The issue is that bacteria and assorted debris can affect your tooth before any final restoration (a dental crown) is added. When it's thought that a dental crown isn't necessary, you can be at an increased risk of coronal leakage, but this certainly isn't definitive. When your dentist tells you that you definitely need a dental crown and you delay this, you can easily be increasing your risk.

Treating Coronal Leakage

However it happened, coronal leakage requires further treatment, which is essentially a second root canal. Any restoration will be removed, and the pulp chamber's filling material will be extracted. The chamber is irrigated before being repacked and decisively sealed. If it was thought that a filling was sufficient in the first instance, your dentist will likely recommend a dental crown to ensure that your tooth has been sealed. Don't delay this final step.

Coronal leakage adds complexity to what is usually a standard dental procedure. It's important to have the leakage treated and your tooth sealed once and for all.

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