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If Your Child Has Down Syndrome, Special Needs Dentistry Is Ideal

Children with Down syndrome have special care needs. As a parent of a child with special needs, you may want nothing more than to ensure your child has access to the care they need. As such, you need to make sure that you are requiring this elevated level of care for your child in every aspect, including their oral health needs. If you have not researched the idea of seeking special needs dentistry for your child, here is what you need to know.

Focused Care

Rest assured that all licensed dentists are trained to provide care to every patient. However, professionals that provide special needs dentistry are sometimes more in tune with some of the concerns that parents of children with Down syndrome face. 

For example, not only does this group of children take longer to develop all of their baby teeth, but they are often more at risk for gum disease, given the behavior of the medical condition Given this experience and knowledge, the dental professional will often work closely with the parent to ensure the child's oral health is protected. 

Routine Sedation Options

Traditionally, full sedation is not an option that every dental provider offers, nor is it a routine option for routine treatments. Children with special needs sometimes have a harder time adjusting to the idea of someone poking or prodding around their mouths, and as a result, even a routine visit can be a traumatic or uncomfortable experience. 

Special needs dentistry professionals often offer sedation as an option even for a routine service, such as teeth cleaning. The ability to keep your child calm, comfortable, and safe is a great benefit for all parents. 

At Home Care Tips

Again, professionals who work in the special needs dentistry spectrum have a wealth of experience, and they are often privy to these challenges. More importantly, they are privy to measures you can take at home to overcome these challenges. For example, Down syndrome can target muscle coordination and lead to problems that can also cause muscle weakness. 

In severe cases, it may be challenging for a child to perform circular motions while they brush their teeth. The dentist can work with you to recommend an electric toothbrush that might cut down on the muscle movement needed for proper brushing to help at home. 

If you have questions or concerns about special needs dentistry, be sure to speak directly with a dental professional to learn more. A special needs dentist can provide additional information. 

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