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How A Family Dentist Helps Stubborn Twins Who Keep Fighting Oral Care

Parents who are blessed with twins have double the fun and double the challenge getting their children to do what they want. For example, some twins may develop a dual fear of the dentist and do what they can to avoid dental care. In this scenario, a family dental care expert may be needed to break this fear and ensure that children get the oral care that they need.

Twins Can Be a Challenging Oral Health Situation for Parents

Raising a pair of twins is always a challenge for parents, but it can become even harder if both have a fear of the dentist. Twins often feed off of each other's fears and interests and may team up against parents to manage this situation. For example, they may claim that they have brushed their teeth and cover for each other or even swap places in some situations to make it harder to track their healthcare.

And twins may stubbornly refuse to go to a dentist without both of them attending at the same time, trying to support each other in any way that they can. Though this may be frustrating for parents, it is often a good sign when twins are so supportive of each other. And parents can use a family dentist to break through this stubbornness and ensure that they are as happy as possible.

Ways a Family Dentist May Help

A high-quality family dentist is a professional who fully understands the unique demands that oral care can put on children and their family. And these experts can take steps to ensure that a child who is trying to avoid proper oral care gets the help that they need. For example, they can sit down with both of the twins and ask them why they are afraid of the dentist and listen to their fears.

When the twins open up, the doctor can address each of these concerns and explain them frankly. There should be nothing hidden from the twins — they'll spot a lie very quickly — but the dentist should do what they can to help. For instance, the children's mother or father can get treatment at the same time as the children to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible with their overall care situation.

Just as importantly, these care experts can ensure that a whole family gets the oral care help that they need. Typically, this situation revolves around keeping every member together in a single treatment plan, working with them over several years and tracking their dental health and the quality of their teeth. Doing so will ensure that each twin has a lifetime of great teeth. Contact a local family dentist to learn more.

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