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Signs You Have a Tooth Infection or Rotten Tooth

While a bad tooth or tooth infection may seem like obvious afflictions that dentists treat every day, there are actually lots of people who have no idea they have any type of mouth infection at all. Some tooth abscesses are so discreet they only show up in X-rays and only then are they treated.

There are signs other than pain and discomfort in the mouth that can indicate whether you have a tooth infection or rotting tooth. The sooner you have dentists look at your mouth, the better to help prevent any infection or illness from spreading. Here are signs you have either an infection in your tooth or a rotten tooth that needs to be taken care of.

1. You have recurring sinus issues

Do you have a recurring sinus infection that won't seem to go away? Are you suffering from other upper respiratory issues, such as an ear infection or sinus pressure in your face? Do you have sinus-related migraines? Since your oral health is connected to your sinus health, if you have recurring sinus problems, they might be caused by a tooth infection or rotting tooth. Dentists can get X-rays and perform an oral exam to see if you have any dental woes causing other body illnesses.

2. You have bad breath or bleeding gums

A common sign of an infected tooth or a rotten tooth is this: bad breath. Bad breath is caused by bacteria present in the mouth and is even harder to get rid of if the bacteria is caused by infection. A rotten tooth can make breath smell like decay.

Another sign of a serious oral health problem is bleeding gums. If your gums are bleeding, it can mean that they, too are infected or harboring pockets of pus from an infected tooth. Dentists can do a thorough cleaning to help remove the bacteria that is causing poor breath and bleeding gums and will treat any dental disease they find along the way.

3. You have an unexplained fever

A fever is the body's response to infection and illness. If you have an unexplained fever with no known origin and are experiencing any type of mouth pain, you might have an infection in your mouth. Speak to your dentist to see if you can get an emergency appointment to check your mouth for signs of infection. Your dentist may be able to prescribe you antibiotics for any tooth infection you have and can remove a rotten tooth that is beyond treatment.

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