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Are Worried Your Dentist Is Wrong And Your Child Needs Braces? See An Orthodontist Today

If your child's dentist keeps telling you that your child's teeth will straighten out and they don't need braces but you aren't sure, you want to see an orthodontist. If your child is insecure about their smile and you have your doubts about it as well, it doesn't hurt to get a second opinion.

You want to get the problem fixed early if you can, and you want to see if your child needs any type of orthodontic treatment. Here are some of the things to talk with the orthodontist about.


Call and explain your situation to the office professional who does the scheduling. Let them know that you want to have a consultation completed and talk about the cost of the appointment if you are worried that your insurance won't pay for it. Then, ask them what you need to bring to the appointment, such as past X-rays.

The Need Now and in the Future

Sometime dentists don't think that a child will need braces because they think the teeth will be pushed together when other adult teeth come in. This can be true, but sometimes the crooked baby teeth can be a problem when the adult teeth are trying to come in.

The orthodontist may determine that the problem needs to be fixed right away. It may be another issue when the child loses more of their baby teeth.

Type of Braces

It is usually recommended that young teens and those who are getting braces in the early stages get the traditional wire braces. This is the easiest way for the dentist to correct and maintain their treatments, and it's one of the most affordable options for parents who are paying to have their child's smile corrected. If your child has concerns about wearing braces, questions should be asked at the consultation.

If you feel like your child needs to get braces to correct their smile and you don't think that your general dentist is being proactive enough with the correction process, you can make an appointment with an orthodontist and get a second opinion. If the orthodontist is in agreement that the child needs the corrective treatment, this is something that needs to be done quickly. Don't second-guess your dentist and yourself; make the appointment and get it taken care of right away. This way, you will have peace of mind, and your child will get a perfect smile.

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