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Benefits Of Clear Aligners

Clear aligning trays are orthodontic appliances that are made of rigid, transparent plastic. The trays, which are a part of a teeth-straightening system, place consistent pressure on the teeth to move them into a proper alignment.

The system employs multiple trays throughout the corrective process. The patient wears each set of trays for several weeks and then moves to the next tray set that the treatment plan designates. 

The trays offer multiple benefits when compared to other more traditional orthodontic options, such as braces. Here are a few of the benefits of clear aligners.

Easier Teeth Cleaning

Many people find it difficult to navigate string floss through the spaces between their teeth. However, the task becomes even more difficult when braces are affixed to the teeth. In fact, with traditional braces, even regular brushing can seem daunting. Still, if the teeth are not thoroughly and consistently cleaned, tooth decay can ensue, necessitating a restorative procedure before the treatment with the braces is complete.

The clear plastic aligning trays are removable, so they don't impair your ability to brush or floss. In addition, they don't trap small pieces of food within the appliance to further complicate the cleaning process.

Easier Eating

Due to the bulk of braces on the front of the teeth, it can be difficult to eat as you normally would. Not only do the lips have to stretch around the appliance as you chew, but you also have to avoid damaging the appliance with hard or chewy foods. Additionally, the food that you consume may become caught in the wires of the braces, causing an embarrassing display during meals. 

Clear plastic aligners can be removed for snacks and meals. Thus, you can eat as freely as you did prior to beginning your orthodontic treatment.

More Discreet Treatment

Many people would prefer that their alignment treatment remain discreet. However, with a traditional metal appliance, discretion can be difficult. The metal can be clearly seen against the whiteness of the natural tooth material. 

An aligning tray is made of transparent plastic. Thus, the teeth are fully visible while the appliance is in place. Observers are unlikely to even realize that you are wearing an orthodontic device. 

Greater Comfort During Treatment

The sharp edges of metal appliances can irritate and injure the soft tissues of the mouth. However, clear aligners are made of smooth plastic and are designed from digital images of your oral cavity. As a result, the appliance comfortably fits the exact contours and dimensions of your mouth. 

To learn more about clear aligners, schedule a consultation with an orthodontist in your area, such as Reed & Sahlaney Orthodontics, LLP.

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