Every Dentist Needs Your Help Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

How To Tell That It's Time To Go To The Dentist

There are certain things that you know how to do--like tying your shoes and doing your job (hopefully)--but there are other things that you may not know much about, like when you should go to the dentist. Even though there are some things that you can usually get rid of on your own, like some canker sores, there are other things that require the help of a professional dentist, but what exactly? This article will take a closer look at a few reasons why you should go to see a dentist. Read on. 

You Have Tooth Sensitivity

For the most part, you should be able to bite into some ice cream or have some soup without cringing because of tooth sensitivity. If you have noticed that anytime that you do bite into something cold or hot, you get a shooting pain in your teeth, then it may be caused by thin enamel. Your enamel on your teeth is designed to protect your nerves, but when it gets thin, it can expose your nerves, which can make your teeth extra sensitive. Depending on how bad your tooth sensitivity is, your doctors will either apply a sealant or they may recommend that you use something like a sensitive toothpaste. 

You Have Pain

You shouldn't feel any pain in your mouth or around your teeth. Whether you are experiencing sharp, shooting pain or dull, aching pain that just won't go away, you should go to see your dentist. Dental pain can be a sign of a bunch of different types of things including a cavity, an infection, some gum problems, or a variety of other things. When you go into a dental clinic, your dentist will do an exam of your mouth in order to provide you with the right treatment. 

Your Mouth Is Swollen

If you just got hit in the face, you are going to have a swollen jaw, but if you have a swollen face for no rhyme or reason, it may be a sign that you have an infection in your mouth. Usually, your doctor will get you some antibiotics and then treat your infection so that you can feel better before you know it. 

These are just a few of the basic reasons why you should see a dentist, but if you are ever unsure, contact your dental clinic and the staff should be able to tell you if you need to be seen.

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Every Dentist Needs Your Help Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

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