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How To Deal With Painful & Damaged Molars

The most problematic teeth that many people deal with are the molars, as they are the main ones that are exposed to food when chewing. Basically, molars are the teeth that usually develops big cavities that are painful to cope with. The cavities can be prevented by regularly brushing away plaque, but neglect can lead to them developing in a speedy manner. If you have been taking over-the-counter pain medication for your cavity pain, it is time to get a dental examination to find out how a dentist can get rid of the problem. Browse the content below for some general information in regards to getting cavities treated in molar teeth.

Filling & a Root Canal

When there is a cavity present, it might mean that there is also an abscess to deal with. Although cavities are painful, an abscess can make the pain a lot worse. If you are dealing with such a condition, a dentist will likely want to perform a root canal to treat the abscess. He or she will drain the toxic pus out of the abscess, and then clean out the pulp chamber of your tooth to get rid of unhealthy tissue. The cavity hole can then be filled in so your pain will go away and to protect the pulp chamber from becoming infected.

Preservation with a Crown

Cavities can make teeth very unstable, as the enamel becomes a lot thinner than it should be. The enamel is even thinner when the teeth have been neglected for a substantial amount of time and the cavities are large. Teeth are at risk of decaying away altogether or falling out when they have large cavities in them. A dentist can assist with such a problem by taking measures to preserve the remaining enamel. He or she can basically cover the damaged teeth with a crown, which will also allow you to continue eating with them.

Extracting Away the Problem

Many people opt for getting molars extracted when they become problematic. The reason why is because molars are located in an area of the mouth in when they are unable to be seen, which means that you can smile without them being noticed. Getting painful molars extracted is the most affordable way to treat them. A dentist can perform tooth extraction using several techniques, and surgery is required in some cases. Keep in mind that the extracted molars can be replaced with implants if you don't want to be without them. 

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