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Why Bonding Is So Popular In Cosmetic Dentistry

Bonding is a common procedure used by all types of dentists, including cosmetic dentists, and it is extremely popular for several key reasons. If you have any issues with the way your teeth look, a cosmetic dentist might be able to correct the issues with bonding. Here are some of the reasons bonding is so popular in cosmetic dentistry.

It is versatile

The first reason bonding is popular is due to its versatility. Bonding is a process that involves placing a material onto teeth to fix problems the teeth have, and the material used is the same material that dentists use to fill a hole after removing decay from a tooth. Dentists can use this material to fill in chips in teeth, to make teeth wider or longer, or to change the color of teeth. They can also use bonding to repair cracked or broken teeth and to fill in gaps between teeth. This is the most versatile product in dentistry, and it is fairly easy to work with.

It typically is not painful

Another reason bonding is popular is because it is not typically a painful procedure. When a dentist uses bonding to fix a problem with a tooth, it most likely will not even hurt, and you probably will not even need to have the dentist numb your mouth. While many dental procedures are painful, bonding is one that is not.

It does not require harming other teeth

Bonding is also a common option for fixing tooth problems because it does not require harming teeth. If you choose an alternative to bonding, there is a good chance that the dentist will have to remove part of the tooth structure of the bad tooth or nearby teeth in order to complete the procedure. With bonding, there is no damage to any teeth in your mouth, including the tooth the dentist is fixing.

It is affordable

The other thing you will be glad to know is that bonding is affordable. In fact, using bonding to fix a tooth will probably be the most affordable way to fix the problem you are having with a particular tooth.

If you are unhappy with the looks of your teeth, you might be able to get the problems fixed through bonding services. If you would like to learn more about bonding and how it could help improve the looks of your teeth, contact a cosmetic dental clinic, like Dansville Family Dental Care.

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