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3 Reasons To Visit Your Family Dentist Right Away

Going into the family dentist for a dental cleaning and check up, to have a dental filling put in, or some other routine form of care, is normal. However, there are some situations that require you to get into your dentist much faster to be worked on. These situations are generally a bit more serious and need immediate attention. Thankfully, most dentists are able to get you in quite quickly in these situations and can help fix whatever issue you are experiencing as quickly and as best as they can. Here are three examples where you should visit your family dentist right away. 

Infected Tooth And Gums 

If you have inflammation in your gums, bleeding, and pain in your teeth and/or gums, then these are all signs of an infection. An infection in your gums can spread quickly into your jaw and other parts of your body, if left untreated. Because of the serious nature of an infected tooth and gums, it is important that you let your dentist know what you are experiencing and do as they say. They will likely have you come in and the source of the infection will be discovered and cared for. After this, you will likely be put on antibiotics until the infection completely clears out. 

Filling Comes Off 

If one of your fillings comes out of your mouth when you are eating, or it simply just falls out, then it is important that you call a family dentist like John S. Lyon DDS to tell them what has happened. You may have lost your entire filling, or just a portion of it, but in either case, this exposes the inside of your tooth to foods, drinks, cold air, etc. This cannot only be painful for you, but it can also cause the cavity to spread through more of your tooth. If you get into the dentist soon after this happens, they will create a new filling for you right away. They can even inspect the interior of your tooth to make sure that the entire cavity was removed the first time and that this filling will actually stay in place for you. 

Knocked Out Tooth 

If, for one reason or another, your tooth gets knocked out, then it is critical that you get into the dentist right away. The longer the tooth is out of your mouth, the less likely it is that this tooth will re-attach to the roots in your mouth. This means that instead of having your normal tooth put back into place, you will instead have to worry about having black, dead gums and a fake tooth. However, if you quickly put your tooth on ice or in milk, and rush to the dentist as quickly as you can, it is more likely that they will be able to successfully re-attach your tooth for you and it will look as good as new. 

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