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Three Major Things You Should Know About Yellow Teeth

If you have yellow teeth, or you are concerned about the possibility of ending up with yellow teeth, then you want to educate yourself on some of the basics of tooth anatomy and dental care. This will help you to avoid the yellowing of your teeth when possible or know what to do in order to deal with the issue if you have yellow teeth. This article will help you understand the different ways teeth yellowing occurs, how to possibly avoid it, and how to correct it.

Staining can cause the yellow teeth problem

Your teeth can turn yellow if they become discolored through the natural process of staining and discoloration. Some of the major contributors to this include using tobacco, drinking beverages that can cause discoloration like coffee and tea, eating foods that can also cause discoloration like foods with food coloring or red pasta sauces, and not caring for your teeth properly.

There is some good news if your yellowing teeth happened due to one or more of these issues: you may be able to get them white again by using a whitening method. Your dentist will be your best bet at achieving the whitest possible result.

The enamel on your teeth can play a huge role in them being yellow

People who have thick and strong enamel on their teeth tend to have whiter teeth to start with. When their teeth turn yellow, it's generally for the reasons stated above. However, people who have less enamel on their teeth will have darker teeth that can look yellow or even a shade of orange. Also, certain medications can affect the coloring of your enamel, causing your teeth to look yellow or possibly other colors.

Yellow teeth can be whitened 

No matter what the reason is for your yellow teeth, there are things that can be done to whiten them. If your lifestyle or eating habits have caused the yellowing of your teeth, then you are a good candidate to take care of the issue by having them whitened. Your dentist may offer several different whitening options so you can go with the one that's going to produce the best results for you. If the enamel is the cause of your yellow teeth, then you'll have to go another route. Porcelain veneers offer you a permanent way to get the nice and white looking teeth you have always wanted.

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