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Things You Should Know About Braces

Do you want straight teeth that don't have a lot of large gaps in between them? If you have decided that undergoing surgery for dental implants is not for you, results can be achieved via braces. However, the process of fixing your teeth with braces will be slow, but you will still be happy with the results in the end. This article will tell you more about braces so you can make a decision in regards to using them to fix your teeth.

Metal Braces Can Get the Job Done

If you opt for braces, the least expensive way to get the job done is via the ones that are made out of metal. Although the metal will be visible on your teeth, they are very reliable for straightening them up. The metal is necessary because it puts a large amount of pressure on teeth to force them to move in the jawbones. Dentists are actually strategic about how metal braces are installed, such as by manipulating the wires to achieve results based on your specific needs. Be prepared for the metal wires to be tightened by your general dentist every now and then during the process of wearing them.

Invisalign Aligners Gets Rid of Embarrassment

If wearing metal braces on your teeth will cause you embarrassment, another option is to wear Invisalign aligners. It will be very difficult for people to notice that you are wearing the aligners unless they simply stare at your teeth. The aligners are clear and will give you the same type of results as with metal braces. There is no need for wires to be placed on your teeth with aligners, as you will get them in different sizes as your teeth move closer together. For instance, you will be given smaller aligners with progress to make sure they are putting pressure on your teeth.

The Time of Progress Will Vary

You should not expect a specific time frame for your teeth to be straightened and move together with braces. The amount of time that it takes to start seeing results will depend on the severity of your condition. Be prepared to wear braces for several months, or even up to a few years. When you go in for a consultation with a dentist, he or she will be able to give you a general idea of how long your specific case will take for satisfactory results.

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