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Tips For Camping With Braces

Braces are often little more than inconvenience, which is a small price to pay for straighter and healthier teeth. Occasionally the minor inconvenience can seem major, though, such as if you are planning an extended camping trip. The following tips can help you manage your braces properly when you are away from civilization.

Tip #1: Plan your menu accordingly

Proper trail or camp food is a must. For example, Snickers and many other sticky candy bars are a high-calorie preference for many hikers and backpackers but a no-no if you are wearing braces. Instead, opt for less chewy energy or granola bars. You will need to check that every item on the menu is a good option for braces by following many of the same rules that you would at home – avoid hard and sticky food items, and instead opt for softer, easier to chew to foods.

Tip #2: Keep up with hygiene

There's no reason to skip the toothbrush and toothpaste while camping. The issue is with flossing. Many people that wear braces use a water pick or similar to device to help clean between their teeth and the brackets. This generally won't be an option when you are camping. Instead, invest in a package of the small pick-style brushes made for those in braces. You can carefully insert these between your teeth and use them to clean out food that is stuck to the braces. Although not as thorough as a pick, they will suffice for a few days in the woods. Just make sure to pack them out and to dispose of them properly.

Tip #3: Upgrade your first aid kit

Prepare for minor brace emergencies by adding dental wax to your first aid kit. Even if your current braces aren't bothering you, the wax can come in handy if you need to smooth over a broken wire or a dislodged bracket while you are camping. You may also want to trade in your Swiss army knife for a small multitool with wire clippers. This way if a wire does break, you have a method of snipping it off before spreading dental wax over the cut end. Finally, toss in some oral numbing gel in case you get any irritation pain, along with extra rubber bands for your braces.

If you have more concerns about managing your braces while camping or out on the trail, talk to your dentist to get more advice.

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