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Do Your Wisdom Teeth Need To Come Out? 2 Reasons Why

The wisdom teeth found in the rear of the mouth typically come in while you are a teenager. These teeth coming in so late in life, along with their position, are why they usually cause so many problems. These are 2 reasons why wisdom teeth need to be removed.


Your wisdom teeth will most likely not come perfectly straight and won't fit right into that open spot in your gums. These teeth can come in sideways, which causes them to grow into the teeth next to them. Dentists call this impaction, and it is caused by the tooth not completely coming out of the gums on a slanted angle or growing completely underneath the gums. This may not cause problems initially as the tooth starts growing, but it can eventually problems as the wisdom tooth starts to touch the tooth next to it.

An impacted tooth can cause an infection, which will cause you to feel pain in that part of your mouth. Crooked teeth could also put unnecessary pressure on surrounding teeth, causing a tooth that is straight and healthy to eventually shift positions. The chain reaction can cause multiple teeth to shift, ruining all the orthodontic work you have had done over the years. It's why dentists recommend having wisdom teeth removed as soon as an impaction is noticeable.


Infections can occur for several reasons. The most common infection happens because the tooth is too close to a neighboring tooth. It makes it hard to properly floss and brush around your wisdom tooth, which makes it more likely for you to experience decay and an infection. If an impaction makes you unable to get floss between the teeth, you will neglect cleaning that area of the tooth.

If a tooth has partially emerged, it will cause a small skin flap to remain on the gums. This is a prime area where bacteria and food can easily become trapped, which will lead to an infection. Cysts can also develop on the flap, which will lead to an infection if you do not treat them. Antibiotics can be used to treat an infection, but oral surgery could be necessary to prevent the infection from returning.

When your dentist says that your wisdom teeth need to be removed, it is for a good reason. Removing them early will prevent these complications from happening after the wisdom teeth continue to grow. For more information, check out a site like

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