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Chewing Tobacco And Teeth: What You Need To Know

It is not uncommon for someone to opt for chewing tobacco over smoking cigarettes with the assumption that it is better for your teeth and your body. Unfortunately, this assumption is far from the truth. Just because you aren't inhaling the tobacco, it doesn't mean you aren't ingesting it. In fact, here are all the ways chewing tobacco can harm just your teeth.

Your Appearance and Healing

Smokeless chewing tobacco stains your teeth and can cause them to turn yellow, which isn't the best look for your smile. If you have to have oral surgery on your teeth, then you'll find you will need more time to heal. This can disrupt everything from your eating to your job schedule. You heal slower because nicotine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it reduces blood flow to the skin. The flow of nutrients to your skin through your blood is what allows you to heal.

It's Terrible For Your Gums

You can't have healthy teeth without healthy gums, and smokeless tobacco is not good for them. It irritates your gums to have tobacco sitting against them and the tissue will recede from your teeth over time. This leads to decay in your teeth and, if recession continues, eventual tooth loss.

Other Concerns for Your Teeth and Mouth

Another thing that causes smokeless tobacco to be harmful to your teeth is the sugar that is added during the curing process to make it taste better. This reacts with the bacteria already in your mouth and can cause tooth decay. You might find that you have a duller sense of taste due to tobacco use. This makes enjoying your food a lot more difficult. Bad breath is another unattractive feature of chewing tobacco. The spit mixes with the tobacco that stays in your mouth and eventually gives you permanent halitosis.

You Can Develop Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is something that can happen when you use chewing tobacco and can be fatal. When you have oral cancer, your teeth can become loose and they hurt. Your gums might get red or white patches on them and your jaws can swell. Eighty percent of people who get oral cancer get it from using tobacco. This is an excellent reason for you to kick the habit. Getting cancer depends on the length of time you've used chewing tobacco and how often.

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