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Overnight Denture Soaking: Why You Need To Do It Every Night

If you want to ensure that your dentures stay in tip-top shape, then you need to take the appropriate measures of care for them. One of the important things for you to do is to ensure that they are always clean. Some people will only brush their dentures and soak them for a few minutes. However, there is another way to clean your dentures that can prove to be more effective: overnight soaking.

Dentures Have Tiny Pores.

To the naked eye, dentures look like a piece of solid material. However, acrylic surface dentures actually have small pockets, or pores. Why is this important to you? These tiny pores are the perfect place for bacteria to creep in and grow, which can lead to numerous health problems for you. Research shows that brushing is not an effective way to removing bacteria from these pores. Therefore, you need to go an alternative route, such as overnight soaking. Keep in mind that you should use the right products and not just solid water for overnight soaking. Effective products include household vinegar, household bleach and over-the-counter effervescent products made specifically for soaking your dentures.

In-Mouth Bacteria Increases as You Get Older.

Research shows that the amount of bacteria found in the mouth significantly increases as you get older. This is particularly true if you wear dentures. This is likely due to a number of things, including a diminished immune system and reduced saliva production. Unfortunately, as you get older, your mobility is often reduced and self-sufficiency is often not as easy. This makes it hard to take care of your dentures in the proper way. Nightly soaking is an easy way to keep the bacteria out of your dentures, even for those with limited mobility. A dental expert can also help explore other cleaning methods that may make it easier on you, while still ensuring your dentures stay clean.

Your Gums Need a Necessary Rest.

Your gums weren't made to hold up your teeth. Instead, your bones are what support your teeth. So, when you have dentures, your gums are going to get sore by the end of the day. This is particularly true when you are first starting out with wearing dentures. Soaking them overnight will allow your gums the perfect time to get a little bit of rest. If you notice that the soreness and tenderness are simply not going away even after a much-needed rest, you may want to consider speaking to a dental professional about implant dentures, as these won't put force on your gums and will be supported by your jawbone.

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