Every Dentist Needs Your Help Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

Improving The Health Of Your Gums At Home

Whether you currently have gum disease or you're just trying to make your gums as healthy as possible, there's always room for improvement. This is important, because once gum disease progresses to the periodontitis stage, only a dentist can help to reverse it. However, if you're in the early stages of gum disease or in good health, this guide can provide some ideas on what to do to make your gums healthier at home.

Flossing Technique

If you're already flossing, great! If you're not, you definitely should. But how you floss is even more important than just simply flossing.

When you floss, you shouldn't just slide the floss between your teeth and leave it at that. Make sure that you're pulling the floss taut and sliding it against the edge of each tooth, and your gumline. The latter is especially important, as that's the only way to loosen plaque and food debris from your gums before it turns into tartar and forms a seal over the gumline. Tartar can only be removed in a dentist's office, and if it effectively caps your gum line, it'll reduce circulation and prevent the gums from releasing pus or blood if it's infected. If gums can't release the dead bacteria that your immune system has killed, the healing process will be slowed or stopped entirely.

Water Flosser

Water flossers are actually better at removing plaque from your teeth and gums than traditional floss. In addition, studies have shown that they're helpful in improving the health of your gums.

If you choose to use a water flosser, make sure to spray it at your entire tooth, plus the gumline. Take some extra time to focus on your gums to improve the circulation and to remove any plaque that's stuck to them. Keep spraying until you don't see any more debris produced.

Monitor Your Gum Health

Keeping track of your gum health involves more than looking at them or noticing if they're bleeding or inflamed. One of the first symptoms of unhealthy gums that often goes unnoticed is that the gums no longer provide a good seal around the tooth. The difference is minute, but one of the ways you may notice it is if food gets stuck under your gum line.

Popcorn kernels are especially prone to sliding between the gum line and the tooth if your gums aren't fully healthy. If this ever happens to you, implement the above tips and see if the situation improves. If it doesn't, go to a dentist to have your mouth examined and for a thorough cleaning to remove all built-up tartar.

The first good step you're taking is just being interested in improving or maintaining the health of your gums. Follow these tips to reverse minor gum disease and keep your gums in good shape between dentist visits.

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Every Dentist Needs Your Help Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

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