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Did You Damage A Front Tooth? 2 Potential Repair Options

A damaged front tooth can ruin your smile, which is it common to want it repaired in the most seamless way possible. If you are unfamiliar with the repair methods available to you, understand the differences between getting a veneer or crown.


A veneer will be best for damage that is minor, like a chipped edge or small crack. This method will cover the front part of your tooth, which is why it works so well for small problems. The process works by having a dentist take a dental impression of the tooth, which is used to create the veneer shell composed of porcelain or composite resin. The shell is colored to match your existing teeth as well.

Veneers are best when the damaged tooth is still healthy. The problems may only be cosmetic, and you are more concerned with the appearance and don't need to repair a serious problem.

Many people do not like veneers because the process requires several visits to your dentist. It starts with a consultation, followed by the visit to make the dental impression, then a final visit to install the veneer to your tooth. Installing a veneer also involves destroying the enamel of your tooth to make the veneer flush with your remaining teeth. It is a process that is not reversible, and if your veneer fails, you will need to replace it or you will risk the health of the tooth.


More severe damage will require a dental crown to fix the tooth. A crown is essentially a small cap that is installed on an existing tooth. They are made out of resin, metal, and porcelain. For front teeth, it is best to use porcelain or resin so that the color of the crown matches your existing tooth.

Crowns are made from a dental impression, which is used to construct the crown in a lab. Some dentist can construct the crown in their office the very same day, while others need to use outside resources to construct it. If the dentist has their own equipment, you can leave the very same day with a new crown that is designed just for you. 

It does not matter if you decide to go with a repair method that takes a single visit or multiple visits, resolving any damaged tooth begins with a consultation with your dentist. Schedule an appointment to see how serious the damage is, and what your repair options are, whether veneers or crowns would be better.

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