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Two Ways To Keep Plaque From Forming In The Mouth

Most people know that they need to brush their teeth daily to keep cavities at bay, and a trip to the dentist every six months is another good way to stop decay from forming. However, if your dentist constantly comments about the amount of tartar on your teeth, then you are probably not paying as close attention to your oral health as you should, you are not removing plaque before it has the opportunity to harden and form tartar. The best way to prevent tartar and plaque build up is to prevent plaque from forming in the first place.

Eat More Aged Cheese

You may have heard that cheese helps you to build strong teeth since it contains a good helping of calcium and vitamin D. However, cheese goes even further to keep plaque and cavities at bay by providing casein phosphate, a protein that strengthens the teeth. Cheese also helps to increase the pH of the mouth so that acidic foods and bacterial byproducts are unable to eat away at the teeth. The food also forms a film over the enamel that keeps plaque from building up around the teeth, and it also forces your mouth to produce more saliva so that foods can easily be rinsed out of the mouth.

To gain the benefits that cheese can offer, consider eating a small cube before each meal and directly after as well. If possible, go for an aged cheese. These cheeses are more dry and fragrant, and this will help to create more saliva when you eat them. A few examples of aged cheese include Swiss, Gouda, Gruyere, cheddar, and manchego.

Use a Gingivitis-Preventing Mouthwash

Bacteria are one of the main components that make up plaque along with carbohydrate and sugar particles. Without as much bacteria in your mouth, plaque is not likely to form as aggressively along the gum line. One of the best ways to get rid of the mouth bacteria is to use a chemotherapeutic or anti-gingivitis mouthwash. These types of rinses may also be called anti-plaque, antimicrobial, and antibacterial products.

Do not be confused by the variety in the names, because all of these rinses do the same thing. They all help to kill bacteria and they also prevent bacteria from multiplying and taking over the mouth. Mouthwashes can contain a wide variety of active ingredients. When picking out your mouthwash, just make sure that the ingredient list includes an antibacterial or bacteria killing agent as well as an anti-plaque material or a bacteria prevention agent.

Once you purchase your mouthwash, make sure to use it at least two times a day. If constant use of the rinse causes dry mouth due to the addition of alcohol, consider buying an alcohol-free product. 

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