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How To Prevent Tooth Loss From Happening To You

Losing teeth is a nerve-wracking experience. Now only do they look unattractive, but they will make it difficult to speak and eat properly. There are some ways that you can make the odds less likely that tooth loss will happen to you. Here are 4 things you can do. 

Wear A Mouth Guard

Grinding your teeth is a habit you may not even know you have if you do is while you are sleeping, but it will damage your teeth if you do not take action to prevent it. This is because grinding wears down your enamel, which weakens the tooth overall, and can eventually lead to tooth loss. Mouth guards are a great way to prevent grinding from happening while you sleep, and help protect the enamel that is left.

While most reasons for tooth loss are things that are preventable because they happen gradually, sports related trauma happens suddenly and accidentally. Wearing a mouth guard is also necessary if you play any type of contact sport. You wear a helmet to protect your head, so why not protect your teeth as well?

In either situation, a custom-made mouth guard will help provide you with protection and comfort while wearing it.

Limit Sugary Beverages And Foods

Sugary beverages and foods are very acidic, and they are another way that your tooth enamel will slowly weaken over time. While the best solution is to cut these items out of your diet completely, it is easier said than done.

Try to limit the amount of acidic foods that you eat each day. If you consume them, it helps to rinse out your mouth with water when you are finished eating. Do not make the mistake of brushing immediately after eating, though, because it can actually cause you to push acid deeper into your teeth.

Stop Smoking

You have heard about how smoking damages your lungs and heart, but the effect on your teeth can be pretty bad as well. Tobacco is what increases the risk of getting gum disease, which is the top reason that people lose their teeth.

Take Control of Your Diabetes

People with diabetes will suffer from having higher than normal blood pressure, which makes it difficult for your body to remove bacteria found in the gums. This is why diabetes is associated with tooth loss and gum disease.

You should be taking steps to help take control of your diabetes so that you do not have high blood pressure and visit a dentist two times a year for cleaning to ensure that all the bacteria is removed.

Following these 4 tips will help you avoid reasons that could cause you to start losing teeth. For further assistance, contact a local dentist, such as Bonnie Marshall S.

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Every Dentist Needs Your Help Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

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