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2 New Smartphone Apps That Can Motivate You To Brush More Often

You likely know that you should brush your teeth at for at least two minutes, two to three times every day. However, you may lack the motivation to brush after a long day and tell yourself that you can skip it "just this once" over and over. There are two smartphone apps that can encourage you to brush, and one rewards you with potentially lower dental insurance rates and the other with just a bit of fun. 

1. The Smart-toothbrush That Sends a Report to Your Insurance Company

Years ago, some auto insurance companies began using a device that customers plug into their vehicle to record their driving habits and reward them with reduced rates when their habits were good. Now, it is only natural that dental insurance companies are looking to use similar tactics to help people save money by practicing good oral health habits.

A smart-toothbrush that can be connected to a special smartphone app records your brushing habits, including how often you brush and how long those brushing sessions last, which should be a full two minutes. The device is also programmed to send you motivating messages to help you stick to your oral care routine.

Whether the brush does help you save on insurance premiums or not, having a brush that records your brushing data and lets you know that someone is eventually going to analyze your brushing habits could be the motivation you need to take better care of your teeth and reap all of the benefits that a healthy smile provides.   

2. Timed Music Apps That Are Much More Fun Than a Two-minute Timer

If your main problem is not brushing for a full two minutes, then you may have tried to set a timer before brushing to encourage you to brush longer. However, you may stop brushing before the timer goes off, because while it helps you keep track of your brushing time, it may not motivate you enough.

If you love music, but your busy life gets in the way of you enjoying your favorite songs as much as you would like to, then a smartphone app that chooses a random song from a library you choose and plays it for a full two minutes may motivate you to keep brushing.

A random song that surprises you can give you just the mental boost you need to power through those two minutes of brushing when you would rather be snug in bed.

If you have been slacking off on your dental hygiene routine due to a lack of motivation, then take advantage of today's technology and try a smartphone app that encourages you to stick to your brushing goals.

For different ideas or assistance, contact a local dentist, such as one from Smile Oxford Valley Dental Associates.

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