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How to Spare Your Child from Dental Anxiety (And Save Yourself Money)

For some kids, visiting the dentist is an adventure. However, for others, the dentist is worse than the boogeyman. You can help spare your kids from becoming anxious at the dentist by scheduling their first dentist appointment by their first birthday. Here are a few tips to help your child conquer their fear of the dentist and save yourself money in the long run.

Use Family Dentists

Family dentists are trained to learn how to manage children's fears. They can better put them at ease and can help make the trip to the dentist an adventure instead of a nightmare. Family dentists are crucial for setting the tone for children's ideas about the dentist.

Visit the dentist before you make an appointment. Ask the dentist about their approach to first-time patients. Your child's first experience needs to be in a relaxing environment with a dentist who is friendly and patient. 

Take Your Child at a Young Age

Ideally, a child should visit the dentist after they grow their first tooth. Regular visits to the dentist help to reduce any anxiety. They become familiar with the dentist and the office. This familiarity helps with anxiety. Plus, when you start young, you can help prevent dental problems that can get extensive and expensive.

Your dentist can catch tooth decay early on so that treatment does not include expensive procedures. When tooth decay is caught early, your dentist can remineralize tooth decay. Therefore, your child does not have to get cavities filled or other procedures that will make them more wary of the dentist. 

Use Distractions

Most dentist offices have televisions mounted in front of the exam table. Ask the dentist if you can put it on your child's favorite station. Some dentists allow their patients to use tablets and smartphones when being examined. This can also help to distract your child. 

Do Not Influence Them

If you fear the dentist, do not use your fear to influence theirs. Put on a brave face and ensure them that everything will be fine. 

Promoting Healthy Dental Care

A dentist will check your children's teeth for decay as well as explain to you how to care for their teeth. The best way to promote dental care at home is to do the following:

  • Introduce fluoride by the age of 3 via toothpaste or water
  • Start flossing as soon as your child has teeth to encourage them to do so
  • Prepare well-balanced meals that include plenty of vitamin D enriched foods (milk, cheese, and yogurt)

The best way to spare your child from anxiety from visiting the dentist is to make sure you get them to the dentist as soon as they are ready. This helps them to become familiar with the dentist and helps to prevent expensive and painful dental procedures in the future. Ask your family dentist, one like Cary Dental Associates, for other ways you can promote dental care at home. 

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