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Ladies: 3 Tips For Your Prom-Perfect Smile

With prom quickly approaching, you are probably looking forward to one of the most exciting nights of your life. You have probably already picked out the perfect dress, and you might have said "yes" during the perfect promposal. Now, you're probably worried about other aspects of getting ready for prom, such as ensuring that your teeth look their absolute best. Luckily, following these simple tips will help you have a prom-perfect smile on your big night, so you're sure to love the way that you look in all of your photos.

1. Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

If possible, schedule an appointment with your cosmetic dentist for a professional whitening. Your dentist can actually help you with two different options; you can either have your teeth whitened at the office, or you can ask for a take-home tray that will provide far better results than anything that you could purchase over the counter. If you have had your teeth whitened in the days before prom, you're sure to notice a noticeable difference in how pearly your pearly whites are.

2. Wear the Perfect Lipstick

Did you know that wearing the right lipstick can make your teeth look even whiter? For example, if you opt for a bright red with a blue base, you can enjoy a much whiter appearance when you check out your smile. The science behind this is simple -- since blue tones can be found on the opposite side of the color wheel from orange and yellow tones, blue tones can complement yellow-ish teeth beautifully. Plus, the darkness of your red lipstick will cause your white teeth to really stand out. Along with picking the right lipstick, make sure that you keep a tube in your purse or clutch so that you can reapply throughout the night.

3. Avoid Known Teeth Stainers While You're at the Prom

It might be tough to stay away from your favorite foods and drinks any other time, but it's important to do so on prom night if you don't want to stain your teeth. Stay away from the red punch at the prom, and opt for a glass of water instead of a soda when you go out to dinner. If you're going to drink anything brightly-colored, use a straw, then rinse your mouth out in the bathroom right afterward. By avoiding brightly-colored foods and drinks, you can help your smile look its best all night long.

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Every Dentist Needs Your Help Keeping Your Teeth Healthy

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